This past week my few moments in the sewing room were devoted to binding. I tried to remember the last binding that I finished by hand, and realized that I couldn’t. Some time in the not-too-distant past I hit a deadline and put my first binding on entirely by machine, and that was that. It isn’t that I adore the look of machine-finished bindings, but that I need to get things done and quicker is better.

I  hand-pieced a small project once, but only because my foot was in a cast and I couldn’t use the pedal on my sewing machine. I enjoy hand-quilting, but also find great creative satisfaction in machine quilting. Again, since quicker is better (especially if I ever hope to finish my UFOs), I’ll probably be doing machine quilting for almost all of my projects.

It seems the only time I do handwork any more is with embellishments. Embroidery and beading can by done by machine, but I find it less frustrating to do it the old-fashioned way. Perhaps that is the key – finding satisfaction rather than frustration in my artistic endeavors. The technique isn’t nearly as important to me as the result.

Thinking of results did remind me of one binding I finished by hand, but only because I used a totally different technique.

This technique involved ruffling and tucking an extra-wide binding and securing it with beads. I believe I saw it in a Quilters Newsletter article sometime in the last year.

Now I need to think of the results I want for Taj Mahal. I started pulling out beads and other stuff to audition for a place.

With any luck, I’ll be able to show you the embellished quilt next time.

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One Response to “Handwork”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    I never heard of a ruffled binding–on purpose that is! Interesting though. I’m so looking forward to the embellished Taj Mahal.

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