Steps Along the Way

You would think that with all the books of patterns I own choosing the right quilt design for my top wouldn’t be an issue. You would be wrong. Perhaps that is why I have a hundred unquilted tops in my sewing room.

Still, the quilt show is at the end of this month and I committed myself to three finished pieces. One is waiting for a binding, the other two for inspiration. This week, inspiration decided to pay a visit.

I warmed up on my appliqued and embroidered heart quilt. Finding appropriate backing fabric gave me a sense of power, which lasted until I sandwiched the project. No quilt pattern seemed appropriate, so I fell back on everyone’s favorite stand-by. Yes, loop-de-loops and outline quilting to the rescue. Since I’m still in process, I’ll only show a detail of the front and the backings now (which also gives me more time to figure out how to get better shots of the quilting with my new camera).

Next I brought out Taj Mahal. Since the fabric carries all the weight, I decided to do simple doodles and outlines. I showed the backing fabric last week, I know, but I’m still inordinately proud of myself for finding it so I’m showing it again.

Last of all came Dogs and Cats. This is another Progressive project, one that my husband decided would make a great couch quilt. I found a nice plaid flannel for it, and decided to try a bit more than loops and squiggles. The first motif I tried was my stylized Scots thistle, something I put on every quilt. Usually I hide it somewhere, but for this quilt I decided to be bold:

The next creative hurdle is the binding for each quilt. I’m hoping to finish that by next week so I have time to do some embellishment. I was reminded, however, that regardless of deadlines, we need to work mindfully. Thea McCurry ( sent me a terrific fabric post card.

The back reads: “This card is red – in honor of the blood we shed in pursuit of rotary cutting- skills, speed, safety!” I took this as a sign to remind my class last night about safety with the rotary cutter, but I think I will expand it for myself. No matter how much I might want to embellish these quilts for the show, it doesn’t help if I bead myself to the project because I’m not as mindful as I ought to be. As much as it is a contradiction in terms, find a way to be bold and careful this week.

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4 Responses to “Steps Along the Way”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    Wow, three almost finishes in one post! That was quite an energy burst. Is the Scots thistle something you just decided to use as your quilting “signature?” I really like that idea.

  2. quiltfever Says:

    I like that so much. My names is French-Scots so I need to look for an appropriate motif–something easy! Did you have a book reference? I have been thinking about your Taj Mahal embellishments and looking forward to seeing them!

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      We have a lot of things with thistles on them, so I just simplified one of the designs. There are a lot of emblems that could work – a fleur-de-lis would be easy and recognizable. Lani

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