The Scary Box

Work in the sewing room has been light again this week. My hands are healing, and for once I’m being sensible. Instead of trying to cut and sew through the pain, I’ve spent time looking at the clutter. I finally mustered up the courage to look in the scary box.


This is where I’ve put the bags of semi-sorted scraps. One bag is a project I started with remains of other red, white and blue projects. One bag is filled with scraps that need cutting. The loose blocks are just that – loose blocks that never found a home. The last bag is filled with triangles, and it is the one I emptied first.

I really thought I would make quick work with this bag. I thought that every time I threw another handful of triangles in it instead of calmly and sensibly evaluating whether I would truly ever use those triangles.

Today was reality day.

I ended up throwing about half of the triangles away. The ones I saved were cut, not salvaged (which is to say they didn’t have threadies and needle holes indicating they were once sewn and then I thought better of it). They were also large enough to be able to do something sane with them (yes, I used to save the itsy-bitsy triangles that I trimmed from my flippy-corner projects). Finally, I had to have enough of them to do something, or they at least had to blend well with the others. Scrap quilts are supposed to accept all comers, but let’s face it – that one lime green outlier will never look right (and I like lime green).

When I finished the triangle bag I simply did not have the courage to go through the rest of the scary box. I also didn’t want to shove it back in its corner for another six months (or years). So, I rearranged the closet.

I know it doesn’t look much different than before, but the little bag of scraps was added to the big bag of scraps on the left of the picture, the triangles are still on the cutting board and will be packaged up in kits, and the loose blocks are in the tray on the stacked boxes. The empty scary box has been removed, and will not be filled again. It’s a small victory, a partial victory, but enough for today.

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2 Responses to “The Scary Box”

  1. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    The boxes look neat, different than the ones I’ve seen in person or in photos, so I’d say you done good. I was out of the loop in Denver. What happened to your hands?

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      I decided to try flying rather than walking. Turns out it isn’t as much fun as you might think, ending up spread-eagle on the sidewalk. All in all, I’m lucky the only thing I did was scrap a couple of layers of skin off my palms.

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