On to Plan B

The good news is, after twelve years of karate I know how to fall. The bad news is, while saving other body parts I scraped my palms on the sidewalk something fierce. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a quilter can do using only her fingertips, the answer is not an awful lot.

Since I wasn’t able to work on Garden Variety Aliens, cut kits, or do anything else that required me to grasp something with my entire hand, I decided to stare at the shelves. I noticed two small baskets, stacked. When I took them down, I discovered more stuff for the “what on earth was I thinking” pile.

I’m pretty sure these stars were from my Chart Period, when I followed the instructions from the wise parenting books and tried to motivate my kids with stars on a spreadsheet. You can tell by the number of stars left in the packages how successful that method proved. They went into the trash; the other items went into a box with embellishments.

I have no idea where the little 2″ squares came from. There aren’t enough for me to have cut them for a purpose. I suspect they were found treasures. I will keep them, although I don’t know what I’ll do with them. I also don’t know where the puzzle piece came from, but I do know what to do with it:

I also found a collection necklaces that belong to my daughter. She hasn’t worn them in at least ten years. She may never have worn them, but merely collected them as gifts or party favors. I suspect she had the sense to dispose of these years ago and that I fished them out of the trash. They, too, will go in the embellishment box.

The baskets themselves will go in a different stack in another room. That leaves me with space on the shelf.

This may be a large enough space for a simple CD player. That’s my hope, at any rate, and I will jealously guard that empty space until Mother’s Day. Maybe I’d better fish the gold stars out of the trash and start a spreadsheet for me – 90 stars for my big reward!

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3 Responses to “On to Plan B”

  1. quiltfever Says:

    I have noticed your blog before because my mother’s maiden name is Longshore. Your post today cracked me up. I love your method for dealing with the orphan puzzle piece (I’m a puzzler). Anyhow, just wanted to finally say hi.

    • Lani Longshore Says:

      Thanks for writing! Glad you like the puzzle piece solution – although I can already hear my kids protesting that they aren’t going to be the ones to figure out which puzzle it goes to. Longshore isn’t a common name, so I’m always glad to hear from someone else in the extended clan.

  2. Thea Says:

    Hi Lani,
    odd puzzle pieces also make good embellishments – just paint them and drill holes like buttons or sew around them like shisha mirrors…. just a suggestion!

    looks like your gold stars did about as much good as mine did! I stuck mine to a Halloween costume, as I recall….

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