The year is dead, long live the year

Holidays wait for no woman. Christmas came, and once again I was surprised. Nevertheless, family members were fetched, food was prepared, presents wrapped, trees decorated (well, a tree). I gathered up my colony of lists, stacked them neatly in a corner, and enjoyed the company of family and friends.

But there is always another holiday on the horizon, and it usually requires a quilt; so with presents, on occasion. This year my family gave me a GPS. They’re hoping a) I will learn to operate this electronic device, b) once I learn, I will actually use it, and c) I won’t get lost nearly as often.

First, I need to make it a case. My husband bought one for it. The packaging declared in large, friendly letters that it would actually fit the model I now own. The packaging lied through its little plastic teeth. One could, with a firm enough hand, get the beastie into the case. Getting it out, well, that took more skill.

Still, it was an excuse to abandon the company of family and friends and retreat to my sewing room to pick out fabric. I couldn’t decide whether I should use something encouragingly travel-related, like these balloons:

or something more in keeping with my unerring ability to take the wrong turn:

Of course, I could go expectation-neutral and use a map fabric. I know I have some. I probably have several different kinds of map fabric, but I think they are in here:

I just didn’t have the courage to attack the stacks. That will be the goal for 2011, and I think I’ve got a chance at achieving it. After all, at the end of 2010 I had reclaimed more floor space than I’ve had in years. If my courage fails again, I’ll just take a look at the present I bought myself and laugh:

Then I will visualize the task as one of of the birds that I used in a table decoration. While I find the bird adorable, it unnerved a few guests:

Having my deadlines stare me in the face is a great motivator, so I expect imagining projects, not just due dates, staring at me should work just as well. Whatever your goals are for 2011, may the year be kind to you and yours!


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3 Responses to “The year is dead, long live the year”

  1. Margaret Misegades Says:

    The sign is the best ever–I’m going to do it in cross stitch immediately. I recently bought a t-shirt for a guild friend that says, “Mess with my fabric and I’ll rip your seams out!”

  2. Thea Says:

    LOL – love your sign Lani! …and am also a little disconcerted by the accusatory glare of that little birdie!

    I love arguing with my GPS – I named her Maude – she’s always telling me to turn where there is no intersection… such as the middle of a bridge. Don’t worry about a case – why make the little *itch more comfortable? She already thinks she knows it all!

  3. Karen Says:

    Hi Lani.

    Your blogs make me laugh and smile :))))) I have saved them in my inbox for months and now have the joy of going through them!


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