Camels and Whales and Tree Glitz, Oh My

Since the kids are home, and I know for a fact they won’t be reading this until I point it out to them, I can show off the Christmas ornaments Mom and I made in October without ruining the surprise.

I’ve been itching to get these out and deck the tree, especially the glitzy ones:

The sewing room is filled with wrapping paper, ribbon and gift tags at the moment, but at least there aren’t any ghosts of quilt projects past in the way. Come the new year, I’ll be able to get back to finishing projects (oh, stop laughing) and organizing (really, get a grip).

I wish I could say the same about my kitchen. It will take weeks to clear out that mess, and I still have more cooking to do! This last week I have been baking my traditional gingerbread Christmas camels. I added a friend, too:

My college roommate’s mother used to send her camel sugar cookies. I thought they were wonderful, and when I found a camel cookie cutter I decided to use it for the Christmas gingerbread. It has now become a standard in our house. I usually do trees and reindeer, too, but this year I added the Christmas whale. One of the kid’s friends was talking about the Raffi Christmas music they liked as preschoolers, and that reminded me of “Baby Beluga” (come on, sing the chorus in your head with me – it might even displace “Jingle Bell Rock” for a few minutes), and that means we have Christmas whales on the menu.

As my last bit of tidying up for the year, I finally went to the “About Me” page and posted something other than the generic form that had been living there for months. Once again, we take our victories where we can.

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One Response to “Camels and Whales and Tree Glitz, Oh My”

  1. Thea Says:

    Nice ornaments, Lani, glad you remembered to post them!

    Love the camel & whale cookies – perfect expression of the season!

    merry merry

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