Bragging Rights

The Ganesh quilt wasn’t quite finished in time for last week’s post, so here is the end result:

Done is beautiful

I am insufferably pleased with myself over this project. It was finished on time, it looks great, the friends who commissioned me (and worked with me throughout the design process) love it, and I was able to make a bag and label for it from the scraps!

Quilt trimmings on the side

Trim from the quilt on the top

So, in honor of the season, I am putting this out to the world as my Thanksgiving offering, a project of which I am proud and for which I am grateful to the quilting goddesses that everything worked out well.


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2 Responses to “Bragging Rights”

  1. Thea Says:

    to see the finished quilt, I never would have suspected the difficulties you overcame to achieve this little masterpiece! Congratulations!

  2. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    It looks fantastic. What a feat.

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