Removing Obstacles – Revisited

The wibbly-wobbly Ganesh panel agreed to cooperate! I ran a basting thread around it, pulled it this way and that until it folded square, then sewed on the borders. The panel had a lot of fullness in inconvenient places, but I told it in no uncertain terms that I planned to quilt the living daylights out of it and it listened!

Here is the quilt-top in progress:

Wonky borders #1

The piece wouldn’t stay on the batting wall, so I had to photograph it on the floor. Still, I had confidence that this problem would be solved. So I persevered.

Wonky border #2

The quilting is still in progress, but at the moment it appears the fullness really will quilt out. I made the borders larger than necessary so I can trim everything straight and even. With any luck, it will be done by the end of the week, in time for it to be where it needs to be.

Since one obstacle fell so gracefully, I decided to tackle another pile of boulders – an embroidery project that had been taking up space for years. I bought two heart applique quilts at the San Jose Museum of Quilts – probably in 1992. They sat in the to-do pile for a long time. I finally finished the applique and pieced the blocks together, but then I needed to embroider them. I like embroidery, and thought it would make a nice bring-along project. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting to take it with me. This week, I dusted off my embroidery needles and started working.

The long-abandoned hearts

Hearts in detail

It still needs another border, but I haven’t seen the right fabric yet. I honestly believe it’s living somewhere in my stash and I’ll unearth it soon enough. In the meantime, I have two and half more hearts to embroider, and I can at least put it on my batting wall for border auditions.

Progress – it’s a good thing.

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