Another hole on the shelf

Sometimes, baby steps really do lead to major changes. Mom arrived with great plans for Christmas ornaments that we could make together. She brought out her prototype, which got us to brainstorming, which led us to visiting the local Christmas shop, which brought us to a second project that uses up beads that I inherited from her father. In fact, she has made so many ornaments that I was able to clear out one of the two chests of beads that has been living on that shelf for years.

Empty space makes me giddy, so much so it took an entire day before I was sufficiently clear-headed to decide what should go in that space.

At first I thought I would move some bins from the closet, but they were stacked three high, and I couldn’t fit an entire column on the shelf. Then I thought I would move a plastic tub from under the sewing table, and shift over a column of bins from the closet to that space. But the project bags stacked in the tub weren’t easily accessible under the shelf.

That’s when I discovered that I could move a complete column of bins under the sewing table and still have room for the tub.

Clearing those bins from the closet encouraged me to tidy a few stacks, moving the odd item here and there. Then I discovered a bin of Christmas ornaments that I had forgotten about. Some items in the bin are complete ornaments, some are pieces of table decorations, others are bits and pieces that were meant for another craft project. So, that’s what went in the hole on the shelf, and here is the closet floor space that I recovered.

I still have remnants of Ft. Longshore to clear out, and I will have to sort through the newly discovered Christmas bin, but each inch of floor space is a very sweet victory – even if I’ve only recovered enough room for a baby to take a few tiny steps.


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One Response to “Another hole on the shelf”

  1. Thea Says:

    it’s all about the baby steps! keep walking, baby!

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