My next Challenge Group project is to finish a UFO. What a daunting assignment – first, to only choose one when I have so many! Second, the reason I have so many UFOs is that I really don’t know how I want to finish them. If I knew, they would be done.

Since today is the first day of autumn, I considered pulling out a fall-themed project. This is the first one that came off the stack.

I started the project for the Progressive Party. The ladies in the group put in everything but the last triangles, turning it on point. I did that myself because I wanted the center block to be upright.

It’s a lovely quilt, but since I’m not sure what I want to put in those big, scary, empty triangles I took the next quilt top off the UFO stack. This turned out to be if not fall-themed, at least using some fall colors. It’s sort of an end-of-summer, beginning-of-autumn, but-don’t-let-the-weather-gods-know-or-they’ll-make-it-rain quilt.

This one was left unfinished because I thought it needed some applique. I don’t know what kind yet, so I brought out the third top on the stack.

The fabrics sat quietly under the ironing board until one day when they demanded to be put in a quilt. They weren’t choosy as to the pattern, so I just kept cutting and sewing until I reached a convenient stopping point.

Now, we all know that convenient stopping points are not the same as completed tops, so on the off chance that one of the fabrics left in the pile will start yelling at me to use it for a border, I brought out the fourth UFO.

As I recall, the pattern came from a previous Challenge Group assignment. It is one in a series of dolphin quilts, and it really needs a border. Or at least I thought it needed a border when I folded it up and put it on the UFO pile.

So, now I have four candidates for the assignment, and still no idea how to finish them. At least I have two weeks before the group meets again. With any luck, you’ll see a picture of an actual completed quilt in the beginning of October. Or not. At any rate, Happy Equinox!


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2 Responses to “UFOs”

  1. Karen Trepte Says:

    These are the coolest quilts Lani! I love how creative you are …both with your quilts and with your words…spoken straight into another quilter’s heart. Thanks for all the smiles!! Happy Fall and may the quilt that has been sitting on my machine one day be finished. 🙂 Karen

  2. Thea Says:

    oooowwee I like that one with the big blank triangles – that would look great with some stenciling on those big triangles – something in a metallic swirlie – not an applique, but similar.

    come on, Lani, finish something! go, go, go!

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