Biscuit Month

I have a calendar of food holidays, like corn chip day (January 29), waffle day (March 25), and spumoni day (August 21). There are also food weeks, such as fig week (November 1-7), and entire food months. September is biscuit month.

The obvious way to celebrate food holidays is by making the food, but I don’t fancy making biscuits for the next thirty days. However, I woke up to the realization that I have never made a biscuit quilt. Like coming to an intersection and suddenly remembering that in the two decades you’ve lived in this town you’ve never, ever turned left here, the desire to do just that is overpowering. I also thought of all the odd scraps I’ve got, and decided a biscuit quilt would be a good way of using some of them.

I took the first two scraps that came out of the bag, and made a tiny pouch. The instructions I found call for a 4″ square and a 5″ square, but I thought that sounded kind of clunky. While I’m not a big fan of rules in quilting, I have found that smaller is often prettier (I’ve also found that almost everything looks better on point, but that’s an adage for another day).

This is where I started

The pouch before turning

Sewing the tiny pouch was easy, stuffing it was another matter. I couldn’t find the bag of fiberfill. It’s there, in the sewing room, I know it is. I can hear it laughing at me. So, I took a scrap of batting from the trash, sliced and diced it, then filled the pocket.

My first biscuit

So, there you have it – or there I have it, “it” being another project. If I don’t find the fiberfill, I may turn my biscuit into a pincushion. Or a base for a clutterfly (I haven’t forgotten about that project, even if I haven’t done anything with it). In the meantime, there’s always next March – noodle month. Imagine the possibilities.


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2 Responses to “Biscuit Month”

  1. TheaM Says:

    OOOO YUM!! can I have honey with that biscuit?
    I can hardly wait for Noodle month!

  2. Marlene Says:

    I love it! What a low-cal way to have biscuits. Although, I prefer butter and honey…

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