About those rabbits . . .

The sewing room is a mess but I’m not in the least upset. I had three essential projects to complete by yesterday, and I made my deadline. Okay, so only two projects were “finished” finished. The third one was “finished enough to show” finished and that’s fine

The “finished enough” project was for the Challenge group. The assignment was on the theme of home, and as I mentioned earlier I had a great idea. I still have that idea, because what I ended up making wasn’t what I thought I would do. I wanted to make a series of quilts about animal homes because I remembered having a pile of animal fabrics. I looked for this pile, really I did, but I guess it exists only in my imagination. What I found instead was a scrap or two of fish fabric, a fat quarter of cartoon-like dogs and a collection of garden-themed fabrics and leaping rabbits.

I stared at that collection for a while, and thought of the many critters that take up residence in our fruit trees and grape vines during harvest season. Since the challenge assignment was quite broad, I knew I could make a case for a quilt about rabbits in other species’ homes – specifically human gardens. Then I remembered that I wanted to make my mother a spring table runner, and my course was set. Not only would my project be about homes, it would be intended for home decor – ah, the joys of subtext!

Since table runners usually have stuff on them, I decided on a very simple block and made the first two blocks with the gray bunnies on black.

The garden fabric pops against the black, but not so dramatically that it wouldn’t fit in my mom’s dining room. I thought I would soften the effect even more by making a third block from the blue bunny fabric.

This time, the fabrics glow, not pop, and they certainly don’t play nice with the other blocks. That’s why this project is merely “finished enough.” I love both color combinations, but not together, so now I have two unfinished projects. My mother will get a runner with blue bunnies. I will keep the black bunny blocks in a safe place until the Muse of UFOs gives me some inspiration. With any luck, I’ll even remember which safe place the blocks are in when a new vision appears.

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