The next Challenge Group assignment is on the theme of home. We can do anything we want – home as house, home as country, home base (as in baseball), home is where the heart is. Coincidentally, the next all-guild challenge is on the theme of home and hearth. I love having overlapping projects, so I started thinking about what I could do, and how much fabric I could use up (especially the fabric already in piles on the cutting table).

Some of the piles are animal prints, which gave me an idea – I could do a quilt on animal homes. Better yet, I could do a series of small quilts on animal homes, which would eliminate the problem of mashing up fabrics that really do not go together. I’ve made quilts like that before – juxtaposing patterns, colors and themes – to greater or lesser success, but I’m always happy to make life a little easier for myself.

At any rate, in thinking of the various animal homes I would attempt, the idea of bird nests leaped to the top of the list. There are so many different techniques that could be used – some of which I even know how to do – and the possibilities for embellishment are most enticing. Then I looked around the sewing room and realized why the bird nest idea really grabbed me.

I live in a nest.

To be precise, my creative spaces are nests of nests. For example, I have a basket of Halloween fabrics waiting for my attention.

Will a hobgoblin hatch from here?

As you can see, the basket is a nest, and I’ve nestled a spider pin in the collection.

Then there is the nest of “these really belong together” fabrics.

A clutch of cloth

The pile grew too large on the cutting table – it kept falling over whenever I tried to work – so I put it in a lovely purple folding fabric box. A nest.

Then I looked at my writing desk. Imagine my surprise to find that it, too, is a nest.

I used to call it a fort, but I like the connotations of nest better. So now I know what home really is to me – a place to weave my dreams, with bright shiny objects tucked in at random. A nest for those whose wings are of imagination, not feathers.

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One Response to “Nests”

  1. Thea Says:

    Exactly! we are NESTERS!!! Love it!
    …and the area around my sewing chair is my ‘creative nest’.

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