Collections Revisited

In searching through the stash this week, I came across several small collections – fabrics I thought would go nicely together but that didn’t add up to enough yardage to make a quilt. As often happens, once I realized I had these collections squirreled about, I started noticing them again.

To be specific, I started noticing my space stuff. Now, you might think that having made three space-themed quilts already this year I would have reached my quota. Not so. I could probably make enough space quilts for a one-woman show and still have things left over for a couple more.

These buttons, for instance:

In the right light, they look like little Star Trek communicators. My first thought was to make costumes, but the kids are too old to have their mom dress them up for Halloween. I could make one for myself, but I’m pretty sure my husband would enlist my friends for an intervention if I hinted at wearing it in public.

Putting them on a quilt is OK, as is just keeping them in the sewing room. Which leads me to the two other items, my tribble, and Star Trek the Telephone.

The tribble was a gift from another quilter and Trek fan, I think. Either that, or I gave her one and kept one for myself. I don’t remember when or why it arrived, all I know is that is occupies a place of honor near Star Trek the Telephone.

This was a gift to my husband which I appropriated with his blessing. The red lights flash when a call comes in, and instead of a ring you get the “red alert” alarm from the old TV series. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to hear anyone. That didn’t keep me from using it for many years, but I have a functional phone next to it now (but, yes, the Star Trek phone is still plugged in so I can hear the alarm).

I had hoped by this time in my campaign to clean the sewing room I would have fewer collections – fewer piles – but at least now I see why that might be difficult. Sometimes the items in the collection just can’t be used but, like Star Trek the Telephone, I can’t bear to part with them. Other times the items can be used but, like the buttons, I’m not sure I could get away with it. So, they stay in the sewing room, both taking up space and giving me endless delight.


3 Responses to “Collections Revisited”

  1. Margaret Misegades Says:

    Be nice, or I’ll wear my NEW Star Trek t-shirt at the next guild meeting! And I think I have some more of the frog fabric if you want some.

  2. Margaret Misegades Says:

    Wow! I wasn’t kidding–I probably have just enough to make another block, and it’s in a different colorway, on black. I’ll bring it to the next meeting. I’ll be the one with the Star Trek shirt and the beaded badgeholder (my daughter sells them).

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