Places I Should Never Go

I went to the office supply store. That’s as dangerous a place as the fabric store, or the book store, or the candy store downtown that makes its own fudge, right there on the premises and it smells like heaven . . .

Anyway, I went to the office supply store for pens (for a gift, not for myself – like my father, I have a collection of pens that will last until the end of the next ice age). While I was looking for the pens, these brass hinges leaped off the shelf into my basket.

I’m not sure how I’m going to make a quilt with hinges, but I thought about all those lovely quilts with three-dimensional elements hiding other treasures. I could also use the hinges to make my clutterflies actually fly – or at least flap.

The next thing to leap into my basket was a package of carabiner badge reels. I’ve always envied quilters who could hold their scissors on a châtelaine, because whenever I’ve tried it (and I have), the scissors fall out of the holder or get snapped back way too fast for safety or do something else to prove this isn’t a good idea for me. The badge reel, however, might be a good solution, especially if I can clip it to something else not attached to my body, just in case the retracting mechanism is more powerful than it looks.

The idea of clipping the carabiner to something else gave me an idea, so I put a package of badge clips in the basket all on my own. A woman in my quilt guild hangs her name tag on a beaded necklace, so why not make a beaded badge holder? If this works, I might even make a bunch of them for unsuspecting friends and family members. Think of the bead boxes I could empty!

In the meantime, all this talk of fudge has me ready for a visit to another store I shouldn’t go to, ever.

One Response to “Places I Should Never Go”

  1. TheaM Says:

    love that badge holder idea – I think I have a few of those badge clips lurking around somewhere…
    and send me some of that fudge – you’re making me hungry!

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