Clutterflies and Banners

The first clutterfly is done. It’s simple, with no embellishments. One block doesn’t use many of my orphan strips, but it’s a beginning. The piece is large enough to stand alone as an art quilt (once it is bejeweled and beribboned), but small enough to combine with several more for a child’s quilt.

I thought about making a banner with it. My neighbors often put up banners for different holidays, or for no reason at all. It might be fun to make my own statement.

My kids never did the soccer thing, so I escaped soccer banner duty. Nevertheless, I have made family banners. My niece considered joining the Marines, and I was concerned that the Corps didn’t know what it was getting. My family doesn’t take orders well. Our clan battle cry is “You and what army?”

Since we have an assortment of Celtic ancestors, I decided the family needed a dragon banner. Then I thought, why not have the battle cry in Gaelic? How hard could the translation be?

Well, that’s a more interesting question than you might imagine. My friend Chris Taylor has a niece in Wales, so I asked her to find out what the translation would be. She told me my question set up a village-wide debate. Turns out there really is no Gaelic equivalent to “You and what army?”

They did come up with two alternative battle cries – “You and who else?” and “So you’re going to get your granny?” I decided to make a banner from both.

I made banners for my kids and my brother’s kids. I’m not sure they’ve had the desire to display them, but mine are in my sewing room, reminding me that getting feisty is a fine family tradition.

One Response to “Clutterflies and Banners”

  1. TheaM Says:

    love your dragons – great concept for family banners!

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