Asking and Receiving

Some days, it really does pay to ask for an opinion.

I had the latest project for the Progressive Party friendship group on my design wall. The quilt is about starry skies and fireworks for Guy Fawkes Day (November 5). Since there are already rows of many stars of different configuration, I wanted to make a row with one exploding star. The pieces of my addition waited at the bottom. My husband walked by, and I asked, “What do you think of this idea?”

He said he liked the color choices I had made for the star points. Then I showed him the fabric I would consider using for a shock wave, if I ended up making one. He looked at the quilt again, then told me that if I wanted to do it, I needed to cut the star I had made in half and insert a narrow strip extending just beyond the last set of points.

As soon as he said “cut the star” I knew he was right. I had been thinking of ways to put the shock wave around the exploding star because I could not consciously allow myself to think of cutting apart something I had already made. But that was the best solution to the design problem.

When it actually came time to slice the strip, the one where the points miraculously came out right, part of me balked. I had to take a couple of deep breaths and whack away. Then I sewed in the shock wave strip, and my leap of faith was rewarded.

The strip is exactly what I want it to be. It looks good on the project. And I learned another good lesson – asking is good, receiving is better, but accepting the gift is best of all.

2 Responses to “Asking and Receiving”

  1. Mary Gates Says:

    Amen to that.

    And I really like the exploding star!

  2. Lani Longshore Says:

    Thanks, Mary – so did the Progressive Party!

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