Sometimes, treasures in my sewing room just leap off the shelves and remind me that they aren’t isolated flotsam, but part of a collection. Like these butterfly decorations:

They were supposed to adorn a Christmas tree several years ago. I had a vision of a theme to the decorations, and not “It’s December 23rd and I have to get something out to make the place look festive.” This happens more often than I’d like to admit, and the result is usually the same – December 23rd comes and goes, the decorations stay in their bags, and whatever the kids have put up is good.

Not only did the butterflies never make it out of their bags, they also didn’t make it to the decorations box. For some reason, they ended up in the fasteners box with my collection of clips, carabiners and velcro. I noticed them there, and remembered putting some butterfly pins in one of my embellishment boxes:

That led me to a new project for some of the orphaned strips in my scraps collection – clutterflies:

Since I have boxes and boxes of random strips, I will undoubtably create more clutterflies than I want for any given quilt (assuming they all go into the same quilt – you know how blocks can fight). That led me to another idea about 3D clutterflies that could use up some of my embellishments. I’m seeing veritable encrustations of beads and buttons and whatever else I can sew, glue, tack or duct-tape on to the piece. So, be prepared to see a lot more of these little critters in the future.

Unless, of course, they end up like my Christmas trees – all in my head.


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