Of Course You Do

My husband walked into the sewing room and said in horror, “That’s really bright fabric.” His expression begged me to reassure him that the half-yard of fish fabric on the design wall wasn’t going into a quilt that would live in our house.

I try to be kind to my family, really I do. The sad truth is, however, this fabric is going into the next Challenge project. The assignment is to take inspiration from the kitchen in whatever form you like (thanks, Linda Ballou!). I explained this as gently as I could to my husband, who reminded me that I have been a vegetarian my entire adult life and nothing on the fabric had ever appeared in our kitchen. When I shrugged and said I liked the fabric anyway, he said with a sad smile, “Of course you do.”

I’ve heard that a lot over the years. Today, I’m going to share some of the things that live in my sewing room that have caused my family to a) smile sadly and walk away, b) recoil in horror and run away, or c) turn pale and go into a catatonic trance. In no particular order, I present:

  • the dragon earrings
  • the monster head
  • the gold collar and colored safety pins

The dragon earrings were intended for a Halloween costume, I think. I know they were for me, not one of the kids. I save them for embellishment on a dragon quilt, but that project is way down the list of things I hope to make so they could turn to dust before they are used.

The monster head was part of my son’s Halloween costume about 15 years ago. I don’t know why I keep it, except as a backdrop for other treasures, such as the bat headband and velvet purse hanging from its mouth.

The gold collar and colored safety pins live in the same drawer. I bought the collar at a thrift store in Las Vegas (don’t ask). I have no idea where I bought the colored safety pins, but they’re shiny and bright and I like them.

So there you have it, reasonably true confessions from a pack rat who isn’t remotely in recovery. If you see me clutching something bright, shiny or outrageous, and hear me mumble, “I want it,” be kind. Whisper back, “Of course you do.”

4 Responses to “Of Course You Do”

  1. Jan Maxwell Says:


    of course you do………

  2. Elaine Schmitz Says:

    Of course I do. You made me feel much better about my own sewing studio. My list includes 1) more Christmas fabric than I could use in 5 lifetimes, 2) a serger I will probbly never use again, 3) innumerable UFOs that I refuse to give up on, and 4) an antique piano.

  3. TheaM Says:

    I think the monster head and the batty headband go very well together… of course I do!

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