Why Am I Keeping This?

I spent the week dealing with the chaos in my sewing room, and learned there are five ways of saying “Why am keeping this?”:

  1. Why am I keeping this: spoken when you come across an item that you don’t recognize, can’t imagine using, and don’t remember buying. Can be used for notions as well as fabric.
  2. Why am I keeping this: spoken when you discover something that is time sensitive – such as coupons for sales from last year – or taste sensitive – such as the turquoise with pink flowers that was all the rage in 1987.
  3. Why am I keeping this: spoken when you unearth someone else’s treasures. Remember to speak very clearly and stare pointedly in the direction of the person who should be storing the item.
  4. Why am I keeping this: spoken when you vaguely remember that the item is vitally important but have no clue as to its purpose or the dire consequences that will result should you lose or discard it (most often associated with keys, but can also apply to random pattern pieces, orphaned blocks, and half-used skeins of yarn).
  5. Why am I keeping this: spoken when your hand is over the trash basket but refuses to open. Unfortunately, you will probably put the item back in the drawer and repeat the question when you unearth it again in five years.

Of course, there is also the primal scream version, where each word in the sentence is emphasized. I did a lot of screaming this past week, as I cleared out another spot on the shelves. This is what I discovered:

The junk bin

Included in this collection are a padlock (with keys), a clothespin, five (5) different kinds of push pins, fourteen (14) unopened boxes of tape, five (5) filled tape dispensers, two (2) empty tape dispensers, two (2) half-used rolls of zebra tape (don’t ask), an unidentified key, and a packet with two (2) long screws and two (2) plastic spacers.

What was in the junk bin, except for the tape

The new tape bin

I also found a broken barrette that had been there for at least a decade waiting for me to spend five seconds gluing it back together.

The scariest part is that I kept all these things in a shallow, open plastic container, so I could – in theory – see exactly what was there at any given moment. I just didn’t look. For years.

And that is another reason why my sewing room is a mess.

2 Responses to “Why Am I Keeping This?”

  1. Mary Gates Says:

    I’m amazed you had that many rolls of tape in the same box! My refill tape rolls and all my tape dispensers refuse to inhabit the same room!

  2. TheaM Says:

    I’m impressed with your tape collection – all in the same bin, much less!
    Are you sure that was sewing supplies and not OFFICE supplies? lol

    Don’t feel too bad about the key – old keys are very popular in ‘mixed media art’ these days – you could prob. sell that on Etsy as a vintage art item!

    the ‘dandy lions’ are blooming in my yard now – ah, Spring!

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