Running in Place

I had some ideas this week, and I was able to get a lot of sewing done. Sadly, none of the ideas will contribute to getting the sewing room clean, not even the top that is finished.

First on the to-do list was finishing the kitchen convergence quilt. My idea was to make a simple border, using a green similar to the one in the kitchen motif fabric. As large as my green stash is, I didn’t have a close enough match to that green. You can imagine my emotional state when I was forced – forced, mind you! – to go shopping for more fabric. The trip was profitable (for the store), and I found my green. A good green. A really good green. I bought way more than I needed for the border because this green will be useful in future projects. Here is the bordered kitchen convergence:

The rest of the green is folded in the green drawer, but that means less room to put the green scraps that are still on the cutting table. So, the stacks remain, brave orphaned treasures waiting for my attention.

In the meantime, I pulled out more fabric for an idea I had to make a quilt with pockets. The pockets will be open at the front and visible from the back. They will be lined, so there won’t be any seams showing. I’m using some of my collection of night-sky and space fabrics; the title is Pockets of Space. Here is the beginning of that quilt:

As I pulled out my collections, some pieces clearly weren’t going to work in this project. I tossed them to the side, only to have them fall on the orphaned treasures. These fabrics teased me with the hint of a project that would work perfectly for them. Now I have a few more piles on the cutting table, waiting for that hint to mature into a real idea.

So, there you have it. I spent the week running in place as fast as I could, and lost ground in the battle for organization. Being able to create makes me very happy, but some days I wish I could be just a little less messy.

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