Making Lemonade

I sometimes wonder why I’m not more enamored of paper piecing, when I naturally sew upside down and backwards. This last week I continued work on the food quilt. I put the final border on one night and decided to let it rest for a day or so while I considered how to quilt it. The next morning, however, I looked at the piece again and realized I had flipped one section before I sewed it. The red triangles that were intended to bracket the center had now become chevrons.

The patient quilter would have carefully taken the block out, oriented it correctly, and reinserted it. I am not that person. I am the person who will make lemonade when Life hands me lemons even if I have to substitute molasses for sugar because I ran out, and I’m actually using grapefruit because Life was too cheap to spring for lemons. So, I let the red triangles become the inspiration for the finishing treatment of prairie points.

The salt shaker fabric did indeed end up on the back, which is in keeping with the food theme. I also used the leftovers of the cabbage fabric and the lining for the prairie points. That fabric has ice cream cones on it, but it really does fit with the theme. I belong to a friendship group that comes up with a new challenge every two months. This time the challenge is to explore hidden things. I’m calling my wallhanging Hidden Calories, and that’s how the ice cream cones relate to the cabbages (and apples and cherries). Trust me, that’s not the biggest reach I’ve ever made to meet the requirements of the challenge.

And what of the kitchen motif fabric, you might ask? Last year I would have just folded it up and stuffed it in a corner, but this year I am trying to clean up the sewing room, so I went ahead and made a convergence quilt. This is how it started:

This is where it is now:

It still needs a border, but that’s for next week. For now, I’m going to see about that pitcher of lemonade.

2 Responses to “Making Lemonade”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Now I know I nothing about quilting. Or sewing. But I like your patterns. I like your reasoning, too.

    Hidden calories indeed.

  2. TheaM Says:

    nice save, Lani! good for you.

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