The Empty Spot

There are times when the universe laughs at you, not with you. This is one of those times. I actually did a lot of cleaning this week, but the sewing room looks worse than when I started.

My plan was to take a small box, fill it with Easter decorations, and put those decorations in the cabinet with the Christmas decorations. My husband insists this isn’t really cleaning, just moving piles. However, I knew from the beginning that not all the decorations would fit in one small box – the remaining treasures would either be sent to the children if they were in good condition and thrown away if they weren’t. Thus, I would free up some space in the sewing room, downsize a little, and have the decorations in one place so I would actually be able to find them.

Well, I started out well enough, which is a wonder given that the decorations were squirreled away in various parts of the sewing room. This is most of what I found:

The sorting went better than expected. Everything I wanted to keep fit in my one small box, and the rest was sorted into two piles for kids, and one pile for that Great Easter Basket in the Sky. Then I turned to tidying up the boxes I had taken apart looking for the decorations. This is some of what I found:

So, there I was, faced with the reality of organization – open boxes at your peril. Yes, I cleaned up one thing, but many more things tumbled out and demanded attention. At the moment, I have piles that need sorting on top of the cutting table, empty storage bins under the ironing board, and a bag of trash ready to go out to the garbage can. Oh, and I have one empty spot on the shelf, and no idea what to put there.


2 Responses to “The Empty Spot”

  1. Thea McCurry Says:

    I’m beginning to think it is the NEAT people of the world who have the ‘problem’…. and all us OTHER people are the NORMAL ones!!!!

    and, btw – I found Easter decorations yesterday in my box marked “NOTIONS”… and I tossed them back in there!

  2. Lani Longshore Says:

    Good for you! You know where they are, and that’s all that counts, right?

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