Psychic Cleaner

Quilters like to think we are good with details, but my eye often fails me. The other day I was driving and saw a sign that read Psychic Cleaner. My first thought was “I have got to get me one of those! My sewing room will be done in no time!” Just as I was preparing to cross two lanes of traffic to make an illegal left turn, however, I noticed that the sign referred to two businesses, not one. They shared space, side-by-side, in a mini-strip mall.

This isn’t the oddest combination I’ve ever seen – that would have to be the small town in West Virginia where the liquor store is next door to the police department – nor is it the first time I’ve misread a sign or headline. There was the time that I read “Developer Indicted for Reality Fraud” when in fact he was indicted for realty fraud. Usually I get a good chuckle at my own expense and move on. Sometimes, however, the error is too good to forget.

And so it is with Psychic Cleaner. I tried to imagine how one would psychically clean a space. How could you battle the evil imps of clutter? Is there an incantation for banishing the bad witch of the scrap bag? Where would you release the spirit of the ghost of projects past?

I couldn’t figure it out, so I did the next best thing – it became a quilt title.

Psychic Cleaner

This is a quilt I made from the leftovers of a dresser scarf for my mother. It is a more appropriate name than you might think, because she likes the dresser scarf so much she wants me to make a smaller version for the nightstand, from the same fabrics. Understand, she lives 3000 miles away, and I didn’t make good notes about what fabrics I used. Also, had I not been cleaning the sewing room for this blog, I would have no idea where the scraps could be. But I knew where the top I made for myself was hiding, and I actually folded the fabrics I used in Mom’s gift and put them away where they belong, so I will be able to make the smaller version for her. Assuming I don’t need to disassemble this piece to complete the new project, I plan to have it finished for the next guild quilt show. And yes, it will be entered under the name Psychic Cleaner.

3 Responses to “Psychic Cleaner”

  1. Thea McCurry Says:

    Hi Lani,
    If you ever DO find a psychic cleaner store, please pick one up for me, okay?

  2. Meredith Brown Says:

    Misread AND misheard. Who can forget Checkers and Something and Cows?

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