Quilt Notes

Notebooks and scratch paper rule my life, because I need to make copious “notes to self.” I write lists about what errands need to be done and what deadlines are approaching. I make notes about dinners I should make and books I want to read. Naturally, I sketch ideas for quilts I want to create.

Here’s the thing about all those notes – they have to go where I can find them again. Sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. Last week I wrote about finding fabrics I had forgotten, but that’s not all I found. I also discovered a shelf of quilt notes.

My daughter made the shelf in shop class. It was supposed to be a wine rack, but never made it that far. She wanted to get rid of it; I rescued it from the trash and put it in my sewing room. The bottom is filled with fabrics I thought would go well together. The top is filled with ideas for new projects.

I’m not sure when I started stashing quilt notes there, or why I forgot them, but forget them I did. Not only that, I started stashing quilt notes in other places (I unearthed a stack of notes this morning). So here’s the dilemma – and the reason why my sewing room is in such a state: how much time should I spend sorting through the old notes, knowing it comes from the time I have to make new quilts?

That question may be unanswerable, but I can at least tell you what I did – I hauled the notes out and started going through them. Yes, it takes time that I could be sewing, but it also clears out a little more space. Or will, when I finish going through the notes and put them all in one place, using a better system so that I don’t forget them again.

And that laughter you hear is the universe itself, shaking its head at my unshakeable belief that I one day I will be organized.

One Response to “Quilt Notes”

  1. Mary Gates Says:

    Hey, dreams are cheap and hope springs eternal! Keep dreaming, creating, and posting. You give hope to the rest of us.

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