Return to Fort Longshore

I find progress comes in a spiral, not a straight line. At least that’s what I told my husband when he pointed out that Fort Longshore was back. “Didn’t you already unpack this area?” he asked.

The short answer is yes. The complete answer is more complicated. I picked up some extra fabric for the kits I create as part of my quilt guild’s community outreach program. That meant I had to find a place for it in the kit stash, which is separate from my own stash.

In the past, I have stuffed the extra boxes in any corner that would hold them. This week, I sorted through as much of the new fabric as I could in one afternoon, consolidating it with what I already had. When the afternoon ended, I repacked what was left and rebuilt Fort Longshore.

It looks like I’m making three steps back to go two steps forward, but in actuality I have only gone one step backward and three steps forward:

Step One – I sorted the fabric immediately.

Step Two – As I sorted, I separated out pieces that I knew would go together well, and wrote down what pattern I thought would work. When I finally got back to cutting kits I didn’t spend half my time trying to remember what I planned to do.

Step Three – I kept a clean (okay, cleanish) work space. My stress levels went down, I worked more efficiently on the projects with deadlines, and I got back to the kits a full day sooner than I expected.

I suppose I should tell my husband that he was right. For years he has been telling me about the value of a tidy, organized work space, and for years I have resisted his advice. I insisted that I worked better with lots of color and texture around to inspire me. While it is a true statement, perhaps I don’t need to be inspired quite so much. That’s what I learned this week, anyway.

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