The Reality of Finite Space

For the past few weeks I have been rearranging my treasures. I put the Christmas-related items, including all of my moose and reindeer, in a cabinet in the garage. We just installed those cabinets last summer, and one has three shelves dedicated to Christmas stuff, so I’m not really poaching on someone else’s territory (or, as my husband likes to call it, being a space invader). That freed up some real estate in the sewing room closet, so I moved books from the shelves over there.

Here’s the mysterious part – the shelves are no less packed than they were before.

The Magic Shelves

My husband has mentioned once or twice that there is such a thing as finite space. I thought he was teasing me – science tells us that space is infinite. If unlimited room is good enough for the universe, who am I to quibble? Still, I do understand that some things just don’t scale down, so I thought I would behave as if the reality of finite space applied to me.

Apparently, it doesn’t. Since my shelves are just as full as they were before, I can only assume that somehow my treasures found themselves a loop, perhaps similar to the slideshow loops on websites storing photographs. Take one thing out, another appears in its place. Magic.

I’m not quite sure how to respond to this discovery. Somehow, I don’t think Scientific American will be interested in publishing it. For the moment, I’ve decided to continue taking things off the shelves and see if new treasures continue to appear. If they do, perhaps I’ll tackle the pesky issue of finite time.

3 Responses to “The Reality of Finite Space”

  1. Marlene Dotterer Says:

    That explains it…

  2. Thea McCurry Says:

    ah – the mystery continues!

  3. Mary Gates Says:

    Maybe it’s like toadstools… Appearing when conditions are just right.

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