Adrift on the Ocean

If wisdom is knowing what to do next then I’m in trouble, because I have no idea what to do next with the mermaid panel.

This is what started it all

Since I had two complete panels, I decided to keep one in reserve and split the other into three sections. Next, I added some blocks left over from other projects and a few separator strips. The border would come last, when the center section told me what it wanted. I auditioned fabrics, leaving the winners up on the design wall for a good week to make sure I liked them together. Things were looking good until the very end, then . . . disaster. What looked fine at first fell apart like a curdled Hollandaise.

Since perseverance is a virtue, I soldiered on to the border. With so much in the center, something simple seemed the most appropriate – two strips of the same blue, the first narrower than the second, separated by an interesting fabric that complemented the mermaid panel.

Sometimes perseverance is overrated. By the time I got the first blue strip attached, I knew the border would do nothing to improve the piece. Maybe it will become back art, but for the moment it is tucked on top of the unfinished tops pile.

Not what I had in mind

The remaining mermaid panel is also tucked away in a pile, waiting. I may not know what to do next, but I know what not to do, and maybe that will be enough to spark an idea that will really work.

One Response to “Adrift on the Ocean”

  1. Thea McCurry Says:

    Hmm, yes, well, I almost bought that panel….

    good pictures!

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