Creeping To The Future

My family wants me to join the 21st century. I should have realized their plot the year my husband gave me a Roomba – my own personal, private robot. Last year they gave me my very first cell phone (I’m not exactly an early adopter). This Christmas they gave me a Kindle.

It isn’t that I hate technology, it’s more that it delights in terrorizing me. I’m very fond of my sewing machine – an ancient, non-computerized Viking; the other machines, not so much. I only know two or three buttons each on my camera and calculator. The cell phone has proved very useful (although I still haven’t mastered texting), and the microwave and I are on very friendly terms, but the other machines in the house prefer it if I just ignore them.

Still, I’m determined to make friends with the Kindle. I love books, and although I doubt I will ever stop buying the real thing, I know that e-books are the way of the future. Also, I can keep my own novel on the Kindle in case I meet an agent (for the record, the working title of the novel is Death By Chenille, I wrote it with my friend Ann Anastasio – other part of Broken Dishes Repertory Theatre,, and it is a science fiction story about quilters saving the world).

I thought I would try to win the Kindle’s favor by making it a gift. It doesn’t need to be kept warm, so a quilt wasn’t necessary, but it does need to go places with me. As it happens, I needed a project for the Santa Bears fabric. And thus was born the Kindle tote (it is the Pixeladies Yamaguchi pattern, just in case you want to make one of your own):

Bears for Books

So, here I go, creeping to the future, trying to keep technology happy – and at arm’s length – with old-fashioned needle skills. It may work, it may not, but it’s worth a shot.

One Response to “Creeping To The Future”

  1. Thea McCurry Says:

    Hi Lani,
    fyi – I can’t get the link to work for BrokenDishes… what’s with that?
    I spent my holidays moving furniture around in my sewing studio – but I still need to ‘de clutter’ the furniture itself!
    Still enjoying your blog,

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