So This Is What Tidy Looks Like

For the first time in years, I can see the top of my ironing board. I consider this my own personal Christmas miracle. My family gave me a new cover for the board (at my request, really!), and before I slipped it on I:

  • filed the patterns that had been resting there, waiting for me to find the perfect fabrics
  • put away embellishments that really weren’t going to be used in the near future
  • put away the gift bags that weren’t needed this season
  • found new, temporary lodgings for the materials for gifts for my children that didn’t get finished (Christmas may be over, but there’s always Ground Hog Day!)


Just having the ironing board cleared off is a joy, but the real miracle is that it has remained clear for the past week. Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “Of course it stayed clear, she hasn’t been in there all week.” Not so! I’ve been in the sewing room every day, including one day auditioning fabrics. The ones that didn’t make the cut went back into their boxes at the end of the session.

Progress may be slow, but I’m beginning to feel that there may be hope for this project. I gave up New Year’s Resolutions ages ago, instead making a task list for the coming twelve months. For the last few years, cleaning the sewing room has always been on the task list. It has never been checked off before, but this year may be different.

Then again, there is such a long way to go. The bulletin board behind the the ironing board, for instance, holds an amazing collection of bits and bobs that probably should be someplace else, as does its sister bulletin board on the other side of the room. You don’t even want to know about the closet.

Still, this feeling of optimism is incredibly delicious. I think – for the moment, at least – that I will nurture the hope that some time in 2010 my sewing room will be clean and well organized. That’s what New Year is for, isn’t it?

One Response to “So This Is What Tidy Looks Like”

  1. Thea McCurry Says:

    Hi Lani,
    Congratulations! I’m impressed with your ironing board – Nice Cover!
    You are really serious about this clean up effort – making good progress – taking it in steps, and succeeding! Wowsers!
    I’m trying to keep up with you – Traci helped me resort my yarn stash yesterday – I’m going to post a few pics on my blog today.
    Happy New Year!

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