Life Gets In The Way Of Cleaning

This was the week I knew Christmas was coming – my to-do lists kept multiplying. At one point, I had five. Not one to-do list covering five separate pages; five separate lists, written at different times and places during the day as I remembered more things I needed to accomplish.

The good news is, I managed to get most of the things with deadlines crossed off the lists. The bad news is, none of those included projects in the sewing room.

I won’t complain too much, however, because at least there is less clutter than last year. Since I am writing about cleaning the sewing room, I forced myself to tidy up after all the presents were made and/or wrapped. A year ago, scraps of ribbon and paper mingled with scraps of fabric to create a colorful but unusable space. I don’t think I had the courage to pass through the door until well after New Year! Now, at least, I have room to maneuver and a couple of projects on the wall to get me back in the swing of things once life settles down a bit.

While the Christmas moose is in the photo for this week, he isn’t the star. What I really want to show you is the cross-stitch next to the moose, a gift from my good friend Mary Seward. Mary is a superb needlework artist. She also quilts, and she was the only person in town willing to go to the bookstore with me at midnight for each of the last three Harry Potter novel releases. She gave me the cross-stitch piece last year, and it will be part of the holiday decorations at my house from now on.

So, although life got in the way of cleaning, it was still a good week in the sewing room. Taking Mary’s present from its storage container reminded me of how blessed I am with friends and family. If all I managed to accomplish in the sewing room was tidying up after wrapping presents, at least they are finished and wrapped and waiting for Christmas morning. All in all, that’s not a bad way to end a week.

Merry Christmas!

One Response to “Life Gets In The Way Of Cleaning”

  1. Mary Gates Says:

    Thanks, Lani, I feel blessed to know you too! Jason told me you put my cross stitch on your blog: I’m so honored. Have a lovely 2010!

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