This was another week of small victories. I brought things into the sewing room – blocks from a gift exchange – but instead of putting them down, I put them together. Remembering the the rule of 15 (break projects into very small parts so you can accomplish something in 15 minutes), I decided assembling this small quilt top would be possible despite my coming down with a slight cold.

Progressive Party Purples

I received 8 blocks from the exchange, and had already made a block for me (a variation of Aunt Sukey’s Choice). The recipient chose the colors, and the maker chose the pattern. While quilters can easily take a handful of fabrics that don’t remotely resemble each other and call them all red, I lucked out and all of my purple and green blocks went together well. I took a spare 15 minutes to arrange the blocks, another spare 15 minutes to choose border fabrics, and a glorious half-hour between bouts of coughing and sneezing to sew everything together.

The thrill of seeing the top finished so invigorated me that I took on another small project. I had a collection of pink and purple fabric in a gold basket under the ironing board. My husband has long objected to keeping piles under there, next to the electrical outlet. He claims it’s a fire hazard. He might even be right. At any rate, I took the collection – rejections from a project completed so long ago I can’t even remember what it was – and put them back in the drawer. It literally took me ten minutes to tidy the basket; I am ashamed and astounded that I left the fabric out so long!

There are still piles under the ironing board. I have a stack of books that I may not need to keep but can’t quite get rid of, the gold basket (which now holds some Halloween fabric that missed their big day), and a tote bag with Civil War reproduction fabrics. I have vowed that at least one of those piles will be gone soon. I suspect it will be the Civil War reproductions, since it is time to start a new project for the Progressive Party. This is a round-robin style of friendship group, so all I have to do is make a center and pass it along with fabric I think complements it. My husband will be happy that I’m doing my part to reduce the fire hazard, my friends in the Progressive Party will be thrilled to get a project from me where the fabrics were actually designed to blend, and I will be the proud owner of two more feet of open floor space.

3 Responses to “Progress”

  1. carol Cilliers Says:

    Hi Lani,

    I finally went to your blog, great to read and your pictures are great, love the quilt here,

    very best wishes,
    Carol in South Africa

  2. Marina Chiarappa-Zucca Says:

    I finally have time to read your blog as well and really enjoyed reading your work and I love the pictures! The block quilt turned out really nice!!

  3. Denise Says:

    I am in awe of quilters as a rule for their creativity and patience. And as purple and green are two of my absolutely favorite colors, I loved your latest post.

    Thank you for sharing the “rule of 15”. I know that it can apply to many large projects from quilting to scrapbooking. What a marvelous tip!


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