Moose and Reindeer

Some things came out of the sewing room this week! Okay, so the “things” are Christmas decorations and they’ll go back in the closet in a month. For the moment, they’re out of the room and that counts, right? I’m desperate here – this is the time of year when I lose all control over this room. Between finishing Christmas projects and wrapping Christmas presents, there are scraps of stuff all over the place. In years past, I have just bowed to the chaos. This year, I’m repeating the tidy person’s mantra (“a place for everything and everything in its place”) over and over.

Not that you could tell – although I cut kits, finished a block exchange project, started on the next Challenge project, and put away unused books and fabric, the cutting table looks pretty much the way it did before, and Fort Longshore still stands. So, this week I will show you some of the treasures that live in the closet eleven months out of the year.

Years ago, I bought a red papier mache reindeer and used it for a table decoration. It doesn’t take up much room, it won’t break easily, and with a little bit of greenery around it you can make a good case that it’s really a Christmas decoration and not something left over from Halloween.

The kids called it a moose.

A little later, I acquired some brass reindeer candlesticks. They also don’t take up much room, won’t break easily, and when arranged next to the red reindeer look positively festive.

The kids called them all moose.

So, I bought a stuffed moose with a Santa hat, and elaborated on the differences between the two critters.

This is a moose . . .

“It doesn’t matter,” they answered, “they’re all moose.”

And so it stands – me buying reindeer, them saying it’s a moose. In years to come, some great-grandchild of mine will probably write a school essay about how much Grans must have liked reindeer because she had such a large collection. I suppose there are worse legacies, even if it isn’t quite true.

. . . these are not.


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