The First Battle of Fort Longshore . . .

. . . in which I lose. It wasn’t a glorious event, either, but one of those death from a thousand paper cuts defeats.

At first, I had great hope of victory. I finished cutting my weekly quota of kits for a class I teach, put the border on my Progressive Party project, and started working on a block exchange. I felt invigorated, clear-minded, powerful – so I determined to organize the boxes that cluster around the room like African termite mounds.

The first two boxes required very little work. They hold supplies for those kits I mentioned, including fabric that needs to be refolded and tidied every so often. I sifted, sorted, folded, discarded and before I knew it the boxes were neat and orderly.

Unfortunately, since the rest of the room isn’t neat and orderly, I had no place to put them. They had been stacked between my cutting table and ironing board, where they made a very convenient staging area. I would drop fabric that needed folding, patterns that needed filing, or notes to self that needed to be brought to another room on the boxes instead of having these things get lost on the cutting table. Nevertheless, my new mantra is “everything in its place”- and the middle of the room is no place for anything but carpet. So I looked at the piles against the wall in hopes of finding something I could move out of the way.

What I found was:

  • a crate of notebooks, also seeking a new permanent home
  • three (3) tote bags full of embroidery projects and supplies
  • three (3) storage bags full of ghosts of projects past (i.e., scraps)
  • books that I had forgotten I owned
  • other treasures too numerous to mention

After a solid afternoon of strategizing, I realized the only sensible solution was to rebuild the fort and try to tame it again this coming week. Instead of a staging area, I now have a half-wall. It is terribly inconvenient, which is the whole point. I am hoping that the pain of having to crawl around the wall in order to get into the closet will encourage me to do something about it!

The new Fort Longshore

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